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The second video is me trying out my mates Daytona 675, it was amazing! With an extra 40 odd horsepower I had the front wheel lifting up down the back straight at 230km/h.

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Changing the brake fluid.

This seemed to be a lot easier than I thought it would be, though I did have a spare hand which is supposed to make it an easy job. I purchased a small bottle with bleeder attachments and hoses on them that I used to bleed the brakes. Topping it up as I went making sure all of those dastardly air bubbles were nowhere to be seen. I had some pictures but I accidentally deleted them all before the track day…where I forgot to take pictures.

Front wheel dramas.

So after we had switched over tyres and put them back on the bike, I went to take it for a ride the next day. Something was rubbing against the right hand side of the disc. Upon closer inspection part of the caliper was pushing against the disc which then led me to think that the brake pads were run through to the backing plate. So I pulled them out and sure enough there was not a wear marker to be seen, so I checked it with a mate and then ordered some online before my track day 4 days later.

Expecting to get them the next day, I get home from work at 8pm to discover they still haven’t arrived so I decided to give it one more day just in case something happened. Get home from work the day after that to find out they had still not arrived, now by this point I was stressing a lot! It looked as I was unable to take the bike to the track, the moment I have been waiting for, for 2 and a half months now.

Ring the Cycletreads up early Saturday morning on my way to work and they try to find a replacement pair for me, they finally find some from a different brand and get them out to my house. I come home on the eve’ of the track day and go to install my new pads. Turns out only the left side would fit as the right ones were nearly 3 times the size of the other and I couldn’t even find enough of a gap to get the disc on. Then I compare the new pads to the old ones and realise that they don’t come with wear markers and that they were fine all along.

The speedo magnet that fits into the front wheel then comes to mind and it looks like it is slightly out of place, so that must be the reason. Have to wait until I am at the track the next morning though so once I get there, yank the tyre off and go about finding out what was wrong. I still couldn’t find anything so I get a mech from Cycletreads to come and look at it, after a bit of umm’ing and ahh’ing he points out that the axle is pushing out by 1-2mm and that the pinch bolt was tightened to early. (Oops, my bad.)

Once that is sorted, go through and pass scrutineering and I am ready to have some fun.

Track time.

Now that the unfortunate events were over for now, it was time to hit Pukekohe raceway in group 3 (fast group) and work on my riding.   The first session was absolute crap, I was far to tense and as a result my hands were cramping up and my lines were shocking and I was not smooth at all.

Second session in and I was a lot more relaxed and everything was starting to come together, a few close passes from some other riders  and them keeping up with them until the straights and I was back in the game. Being the smallest bike there (most were 750’s, 1000’s and 1300cc bikes) made things a little bit harder, and I mostly got passed on the straights and then I pulled away on the corners.

Third session and I had a top racer Jaden Hassan following me to get some feedback on my riding, after he had spent a few laps with me he took off and left me to my own devices where I then dropped my lap times by a few seconds. Bowling down the back straight at 220km/h and coming up to the hairpin I can see the marshalls waving a red flag which means the session has ended for whatever reason. So we go back in and I am waiting for my mate Tim to come back in on his GSXR750 K9 but he doesn’t, we then hear about a crashed rider and go down to the ambo at the other end of the pits.

GSXR 750 K9

His bike isn’t looking to crash hot with all of the fairings smashed and broken but he seems to be fine with just a sore body from the 180km/h fall, turns out that he was forced off by another rider who tried a close pass but then ran wide twice, forcing Tim off the track and then to superman into the bails.

Triumph Daytona 675

Such a sexy bike, pity they cost so much or I would have one!

Fourth session now and I am testing out a Triumph Daytona 675 race bike and I was a little cautious about this run. After a few laps of going pretty slow, I then pick up my pace and start hauling ass through some corners and the extra power meant that I could then pass other riders which was a nice feeling. After the chequered flag, I make my way into the pits, return the bike with a big smile on my face.After that, we had a quick BBQ and celebration for the 10th Anniversary of the AMCC ART days and then load up the bikes and return home where I then pass out for a nice 13 hour sleep to recover.

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