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It seems that when people want to sell something, they don’t usually put much effort into their ad. The prospective buyer is often presented with a “good car, runs well, as is, where is.” line of text on the page with only one photo which looks like it was taken with a toaster.

With the large amount of competition on-line and the mere fact that you have to pay a small amount to list it in the first place, you would think that sellers would try to make their item look as appealing as possible? You would think that… But unfortunately that is not the case.

I have gotten to the point now, where as soon as I see TXT speak, a poor description, badly taken photos, atrocious grammar and/or a complete lack of knowledge or disregard of the vehicle, I simply move on to the next one. How many potential buyers could you be losing out on, simply by putting together a shoddy ad? I bet that they would lose quite a lot!

So here is a list of “How” you should put together an Online ad for when you sell either your vehicle or anything else for that matter.

Grammar, spelling and layout:

First of all we will start with grammar. It can be very hard to read an online ad if you use incorrect grammar, some people choose to put a wall of text that seems like a maze of words and you keep on finding yourself at the beginning trying to make some sense of it and keep track of where you are at.

It also makes a big difference as to how you read the ad, it can change the context of the sentence and either confuse people or piss them off which leads to them giving up and going else where.

Spelling. This is crucial, if you don’t know the difference between “Break” and “Brake” how do I know that you even put the right part in your car when they needed to be replaced? When you can’t even spell the make and model of your car, then I begin to really start worrying.

Layout. Readers want clear and concise points so that they can see all of the information quickly and not have to search high and low for some small titbit that lies tucked away in amongst the jibber jabber contained in your ad.

Bullet points can help for the essential information which is easily referable and easy to read.


When you are looking at buying something, you want as much information as possible so that you can ascertain whether or not the vehicle is worth it. “Good car, runs well.”  simply doesn’t cut it. Put some effort into it, sit down for 10 – 20 minutes and write down what you would like to see in an ad.

A full description will include detailed paragraphs about the interior and exterior, mechanical condition and what you have done in regards to maintenance and repairs, how it drives (Does it pull to the left or right if it’s left to it’s own devices?), tyre wear, feel of the transmission (If it’s manual is it clunky or does it slip out of gear? If auto, does it lag when you change through the box?).

Just give me some kind of information about the car so that I can make an informed decision about it.


You should take photos of every side of the car, paying attention to any scrapes or dings. Take pictures of the interior (Please vacuum and tidy up first.) Do not take 10 pictures of the same thing from different zoom percentages, take pictures of the whole car and anything that you would like to see if you were looking at buying a car.

It also helps if you wash and polish your car first, if you show people that you take care of your car, then they will be more at ease with the thought if buying it. If I see a dirty and messy car, the first thing that I think is that it will be the same in the motor.


And most of all, be friendly, helpful and quick to answer questions.

That is but a very basic list on how to write an ad but if you want people to take your ad seriously, then this will at least help and will probably keep people looking through the ad instead of hitting the close button.


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