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As I sit here typing this, I am enjoying a cold beer in the afternoon sun, my skin is tanned and will most likely peel and my body is oh so weary. Race bike is chained up to the post and sits there looking like it too, had enjoyed itself.


My alarm clock starts to buzz like a constipated cat on acid, I kick it off the bed and wake up, pull all of my gear together and triple check that I have everything that I need for the day, my friend turns up with our bikes on the trailer and then we are off. Quick pie and coffee stop at the petrol station whilst we stock up on my favorite liquid in the world, petrol. Off to the track we go, people have beaten us there which is unusual as we are usually the first to arrive.

We promptly put up the tents, set up chairs and unload the bikes off the trailer, sign in and go for scrutineering where I need to fix a bolt into my speedo and tape up my camera ( Videos to follow once I have uploaded them to YouTube.) Quick track walk and briefing and all systems are go. Group 4 (Racers) go out first and all you can hear is the whine of the inline fours screaming down the longest back straight in the southern hemisphere. Us down in group 2 patiently wait our turn and soon enough it is, gear goes on and bikes are started, low rumbles fill the air around me as I don my helmet. My bike feels familiar yet also a stranger at the same time underneath my hands, engine pulsing away beneath me. I move off the stand and make my way into the dummy grid where we wait till we can go out onto that sexy tarmac.

We are given the go and we take off in unison, groups of threes and fours moving quickly on the track, warm up lap has begun and the excitement really starts to kick in now! Corners come and go, and bikes slowly fall behind me as the pace picks up. It’s not a race but you can’t help feeling competitive when you are here.

A few sessions in and we are unleashing our wrath upon the track, some are fast and some are slow, but that didn’t stop me from cranking it over into each corner, pulling that throttle back and passing bikes on the outside. The sun beats down on you, but all you are focussed on is the relationship between the rider and his bike. Applying the correct amount of throttle for the corner. making sure you are in the right position, weighting the inside peg as your tire pushes further into the ground, melting the rubber as you push harder than before.

My favorite part is when you get a rider that is closely matched to you, then you can have a bit of fun. Trying to find a good opportunity to pass can be rather limited at times, but when you get it, you feel like the king and then either they or somebody else flies past you and you feel like a dick.

Each corner you are trying to match, no not match  but be better than, the other person whom of which is siting right in front of you. Sometimes you scare yourself by pulling off crazy passing maneuvers and taking much different lines through a corner as you are used to and at higher speeds.

These advanced rider training days are great, you get a bunch of experienced tutors in each group, following you and telling you what you can improve on, you get lunch provided and a great bunch of people to piss around with. But what I really love about the track is that you can absolutely fang it with out checking your mirrors for cops and other hazards such as car drivers etc…

I have now managed to move up to group 3 which is 2nd fastest, in a reasonably short space of time. I am rather happy with myself at the moment as all along that is the group that I aimed to be in, the fast group. So next track day in April I look forward to stepping up the pace and learning a lot more so that I can improve my riding and finally get into racing.

Thanks for reading guys and I will post the videos up when I have edited them a little bit.



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