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Recently I had my license returned to me, the excitement was brewing deep inside of me till it had started to foam out from my mouth and people started to look at me as if I was some rabid, disabled person with spastic hand syndrome. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

For 3 months prior, I had been walking, refer to The Bus Post. It was a horrible, horrible time and my calf muscles are now bulging out from all the exercise that I have been participating in, such as cycling, walking, running and all those other stupid, healthy things.

Though, in this time I have been driving myself stir-crazy! Now before I carry on, I will also reference to the fact that the expression “Driven stir crazy” is because “Driving” is a dirty word and people that drive cars are often stuck in their boring lives and also go crazy. Anyhow, everyday I had been day-dreaming about once again sitting on a motorcycle and riding to where ever my heart takes me, across the plains and hills, twisty roads and the straight roads…or to where ever I could be bothered going. These dreams are all that kept this broken, unlicensed man alive for those 3 months, but now it has been four months with no end in sight.

The sale of my race bike has proved difficult, with only one guy interested (Trading for the bike I want as well) I had all of my eggs in one basket, after lots of screwing around with him being sick (Every damn weekend!) and then busy all other times, he had started to severely piss me off, if he wasn’t the only person interested I would have told him to shove his head up his ass and to piss off.

But I held my tongue, and then today after a few messages from me asking if he is still coming, he replies saying he is now a motorcycle courier and can’t sell his bike any more. Some one give me a gun.

So now my weekends are reduced to sitting in front of this laptop, constantly refreshing pages and looking outside at the sunshine and wishing I was out on the roads in my leathers, happily riding out into the great unknown.

I have found that in general though, I have gone a little bit depressed. I start focussing on all of the crappy parts of my life, which pretty much starts off with not being able to ride and going down from there. In fact, I was sitting on a bus full of school kids just the other day. They were being loud, running around and just being a general pain in the ass. Seemingly out of no where I start planning different ways I could kill each and every one of them and how I would get away with it. This includes holding a gun to the drivers head and forcing him to drive around whilst I played life and death games with the little bastards, or creating a real, live hunger games event on the bus. Anyway you think about it though, I have gone crazy.

Which leads me to say that riding a motorcycle is not just an amazing skill and activity to do, but it is also becomes your entire life. When you have had a bad day at work and need to de-stress…riding is the cure. When you have done something amazing and need to celebrate…riding is the cure. Your whole life is dictated by how long you sit on that narrow uncomfortable seat and out in the great roads that make up New Zealand.

So this is why I can’t wait to get back on a bike, not just for the ease of getting around (God I can not wait to stop using buses!)but to be able to go out, ride and lose myself in a world of corner after corner. The whole atmosphere that comes from it and the feeling after a good day out as you sit with a cold beer in your hand and a cigarette in your other.

That is what I miss, hopefully it isn’t too soon till I can ride again.



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