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With the domination of the 250cc learner market, Kawasaki have now responded to the cry for more power whilst still keeping a learner friendly bike. The new Kawasaki Ninja 300 boasts a slightly larger increase in both Torque and Horsepower sitting at 27.0 N.m {2.8 kgf.m} / 10,000 rpm and 29.0 kW {39 PS} / 11,000 rpm.

The new Ninja’s slipper clutch will make for a nice edition to the small bike market, having been based off race activities and race slipper clutches, Kawasaki have integrated the technology into their smaller bikes to add to the whole experience and to make for a much smoother ride.

There is also the addition of ABS, designed and produced by Nissin, a leading brake design and production company, specifically for the Ninja 300. This new ABS system is a whopping 60% smaller than older Nissin ABS systems which keeps the whole system nice and compact. 

Petal disc brakes are also included on the new Ninja 300 to offer greater stopping power and excellent heat dissipation.

Kawasaki have included a lot of technology from their leading bikes, the ZX-10R and the ZX-6R such as Dual Throttle Valves which give a much better throttle response overall as well as better performance. A sleeveless aluminium die-cast cylinder weighing 600g less than the previous cylinder as well as featuring plated bores which came from both the ZX-10R and ZX-6R. 

With the introduction to the LAMS law in New Zealand, coming into effect on the 1st of October. The release of this bike should receive a welcome reception amongst the newer and learner riders, looking to either step up from a smaller bike or as a first bike.

With more companies starting to produce more “Learner friendly” bikes, such as the new Ducati Monster and Suzuki’s SV650SU, we are starting to see the implementation of more safety conscious technology and more thought put into the design process and superior parts being used to ensure that you not only have a safe ride, but a stylish and fun ride.

 All in all, the new Ninja looks promising as an all around commuter style bike with the welcome addition of extra power to help to achieve that get up and go which is needed in our everyday riding environment.

Matt Wishart


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So, it has now been just over 3 months since I had lost my license and as of yesterday, I now have a license again after serving my time only slightly begrudgingly.

I am so excited to actually get out and ride, but there is one slight problem… I have no road bike at my disposal. Well, that’s a lie, I do, but it is in a million pieces and doesn’t go anyway. I guess I could always just find a large hill and roll myself down and see how far I get?

I am trying to sell my race bike so that I can buy a road bike but nothing has happened so far and so I wait…I wait for days on end with the most pitiful face I can muster and refresh the bike ad every 20 seconds to see if somebody has purchased it yet.

I was thinking along the lines of a Dual purpose bike so that I can practice my drifting out in paddocks without the ever-present possibility of having the tyre grip and throwing myself into either another car or something else just as solid. Unfortunately I have to get a 250cc to carry me through the rest of my restricted stage (Another 8months?) but with the new Power to weight ratio (LAMS) arriving in maybe 5 months, I am considering getting a 400cc DRZ or something of that style so that I will be sorted for when the new law does come around.

You just know that this will be me in the months too come. Or maybe something like that…

Only problem with that is that I have too lay kinda low for a little while so as not to get yet another large ticket from my lovely friends, the cops. If you see a story on the news from some lunatic motard rider who ran from the cops so that they didn’t get a ticket, it would most likely be me. (DISCLAIMER: Most likely won’t be me.)

Now it’s time for me to let you into a little bit of this personal hell of mine, I call it ‘Public Transport’ and it is the spawn from which all evil was created, kind of like the pit of flames deep in the heart of Mordor. First point is that as per usual, they are always either late or early which can throw out your plans when you need to catch the first bus of the day which is supposed to get you there bang on time for work as it is. But then he decides that everyday he will sleep in for that extra 10 minutes and that perhaps everybody else should have an extra 10 minutes of sleep (or waiting in the freezing cold, in the rain at the bus stop.)

At least it is consistently late…

Second point is that they are too damn expensive to catch anywhere else apart from in the city, I mean, if you want to go to your friends place which isn’t that far away and is easily accessible by bike, you have to catch around 40+ buses with a grand total of around $200 just for a one way fare. Now I have heard about daylight robbery but this is just ridiculous.

How cool would it be too ride on a bus like this? Pedestrians will stand no chance!

Third point: There are smelly, obese, badly dressed people that are determined to sit right beside you and emit their putrid stench all throughout the general area and don’t seem to take the severe outburst of coughing fits, long vomiting episodes and general panic that spreads like wild fire through the whole bus as a hint to have a shower or at least to tame the wild forest that grows all around their body. I mean when grown adults start to breakdown and cry when you walk onto the bus and loudly exclaim that they have gone blind and lost all sense of smell and that they don’t want to live any more on this earth then there must be something wrong. 

And yet I am forced to catch this damn bus every day, as motorcycles zoom past around the outside, on to tackle their favourite corners and what not. I am intensely jealous. Not to worry, soon I will be upon a mighty steed once again and I will be sure to tell you all about it.


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