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My Bikes:

I will start off by telling you about each of my 3 bikes.


1. 1990 ZZR 250 – This was my first bike which I bought sometime in late October, it was a little worn and the fairings had been repaired but it still caught my eye. I didn’t have the sense to get a pre-purchase inspection done on the bike and soon afterwards it passed away. Needless to say I was a little distraught and after getting my next bike I had the smart idea to take it apart. So now the engine is sitting in my room, along with the tank, carbs and odd bits of metal. The frame and tyres are outside and the muffler and sub-frame lives around the back of the house. I am sure that one day I will get around to putting it together.




2. 2005  GSX 250 – This was my second and current road bike, the trusty Suzuki still runs happily andeven though it is slow as hell, I can corner it pretty happily. I have been in a couple of crashes on this bike, the most notable one was 2 days after I got my license back (accidentally speeding) I came out of one corner into the next, leant over and in the process of turning my bike in for the corner when I realized that there was a bloody large patch of diesel going right through the corner, where I         proceeded to slide at 80km/h into the kerb.

3. 1999 SV650 – This is my track bike, I haven’t had it long (Purchased after losing my license) but I have taken it to the track twice now and it is fantastic to ride, torque galore and it goes a wee bit faster than my 250s’. So I am currently trying to get my lap times down at the track so that I can start competing in the Pro-twin series.



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