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Imagine this,

You and your machine are one, every beat of the engine, every twist of the wrist and every rotation of the wheel are part of you.

The tires grip to the road as you pull your bike through each corner. The trees and bushes pass by in a blur, yet still oddly focused and the horizon drags on no matter how much you try to catch up.

With every corner you are praying that there is no oil on the road, or a car crossing the centre line, or a small child running out from the bushes, but those concerns only sit at the back of your mind. You concentrate on setting yourself up for each corner, choosing turn in points, apex’s, and braking points. You are judging when to get back on the throttle which is ever responsive and vibrates underneath your hand as you pull back on it.

Everything seems to come together in perfect harmony, bike and rider, man and machine. In this moment, you are the king of the world, the  master of your own destiny. Nothing can come in-between you at this point in time and it is the most exhilarating feeling ever, that is until you surpass the amount of grip available and your bike then drifts and bucks off into a far bank and you slide along that hard, abrasive road until you hit something solid. But that is for another blog, as this one is about the most amazing feeling in the world.

All of the movements on your bike are calculated, assessed movements. Every touch of the brake, every twist of the wrist, and every push or pull on the bars. Your whole body moves as you set yourself up for each corner, getting stable touch points on the bike and maximizing every millimeter of traction you can attain. You look through the corner and let your peripheral vision guide you through the corners which is scary at first but becomes second nature after a decent amount of seat time.

Out of all the crazy, dangerous things I have done. Riding a motorcycle has to be the most exciting thing I have ever done, there is a odd sense of danger to it all, but it stays at bay along with other thoughts which stop you from concentrating. 120% of your concentration is required so that you can watch everything around you, assess all of the information and adjust your riding to suit.

That car has probably not seen me, should I carry on or slow down and flash my lights to get his attention? What are the cars doing 4 – 5 car lengths in front of me? Are they going to crash? Where will I go when they do? Can I brake in time before hitting the back of that car? What about the car behind me?

These thoughts are always running through your head and many more, your environment is constantly changing and you are just as aware as it changes. Because if you don’t, you could die.

There is an indescribable feeling when you are screaming down the track at speeds over 200+ Km/h, the pressures on your body, your awareness and most of all the breathtaking beauty of it, the most amazing feeling where you are dicing with death, hoping that all of your bike and gear will not fail you.


One more thing, the people that you meet when out and about is another reason why I am glad I don’t drive a cage. You can have any background, be any race, have any job, or any gender and you will instantly have something to talk about. You don’t even have to talk, you can just ride, and share the sheer joy of the roads with each other.

Then when you are downing a cold beer, you can reminisce and discuss the ride and other un-important things.

It truly is a thing of beauty, which is why I can’t think of anything better.




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